Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Definitions Two:

A. Property: A way of describing an object. They become second nature in describing an object. X and Y are Inherited properties. Other types of properties are; rotation, visible, scaleX, scaleY, alpha, etc...

B. Variable: They hold something. Like a bucket. Technically, a variable is a named pointer to a location in the computer's memory where the data is stored. X or Y are variables in math. They keep track of information related to objects.

C. Functions: It is a preset type of name that is built into applications. You can built your own. There are three parts to a function; Return type, Function name, and arguments. You "call a function" when using one.

D. Methods: They instruct their respective objects to take action. You can tell a movie clip, for example, to stop playing by using its stop() method. You can write your own methods. Classes have specific methods, and inherit methods from ancestor classes.

E. Events: They are responsible for setting scripts into motion, causing them to execute. Events come in many varieties.

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